Bigbiz Agro

Bangladesh is basically based an agricultural economy and rural Bangladesh which is comprised of 65000 villages are the backbone of its thriving economy. Bangladesh Government has set a Gross national Product at 8% in the financial Year 2021 signaling it’s robust economy with massive infrastructural development like Padma bridge, mass transition system (metro rail) which is going to add up in the bottom line of national growth.
At BIGBIZ AGRO, we are poised to provide agro or dairy related full-fledged consultancy in terms of setting up a composite dairy farm or animal farming, designing the project, sourcing cattle, choosing machinery or of any other kind suitable to customers need. Teamed up with Industry’s leading national & international expertise & consultant having ample experience and exposure, BIGBIZAGRO is equipped with knowledge and know-how.

International Consultant: STEFAN U.R. BERGSTRAND , Sweden
National Consultant : MASHIUR RAHMAN
Team Members : Manzur Rashid, MBA, Dr.(Vet) Nurer Rahman
Managing Partner : Jahangir Hassan